As your premier cosmetic dentist in Chicago, Green Tree Dental is here to help you improve the appearance of your teeth and create a youthful appearance with a smile that you love. You can complement your smile with the enhancement of Botox injections to really make your appearance shine.

No matter what cosmetic dental procedures you choose, from teeth whitening, to straightening your teeth with orthodontics or Invisalign, you can match the beauty of your smile to the rest of your face with Botox. Apart from achieving the look you want, Botox can also help to treat TMJ and other dental issues by relieving tension in your jaw and face. If you have questions about Botox, then be sure to give our office a call today to schedule a consultation!

Cosmetic Botox to Improve Your Appearance

Botox is a prescription serum that is injected directly into the muscles of the face in order to diminish the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, or sagging skin. It affects the nerve impulses of the injected sites, to impact the muscles activity that tends to lead to lines in the skin.

One popular use of Botox is as a lip injection. As collagen in the lips naturally decreases over time, the lips can shrink in size, forming visible wrinkles around the edge of your smile. Fillers can correct this issue by plumping the lips, giving you the confidence to share your beautiful smile without worry.

Botox treatment is temporary, with the benefits lasting up to for month for most patients. We typically recommend patients make regular Botox appointments every few months in order to make sure that your appearance is maintained over the course of the year.

Botox for Dental Treatments

Although the most common use of Botox is for cosmetic procedures, it also have many medical benefits. Botox treatment can especially help with TMJ, as tight jaw muscles and joints can lead to tooth grinding, clenching, and pain. Botox can help to block nerve transmissions and relax the muscles, decreasing the forceful motion of the jaw and reducing the symptoms affecting your teeth.

Botox for TMJ often leads to immediate relief for patients, but the results do vary, so a consultation with our dental team will be important before beginning on any treatment. As Botox is not a permanent fix, it will be part of a comprehensive treatment plan to help relieve the symptoms of your TMJ.

Are Botox injections the right treatment for you? Call our Chicago, IL office to schedule a consultation and receive our personalized recommendations for your care.

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