Patients missing more than one tooth must consider tooth replacement solutions for good oral health. While many dental restorations are available, you may not be a candidate for some, and others might be beyond your means. It is necessary to determine which choice is best for you. One effective tooth replacement option is a dental bridge. A bridge at Green Tree Dental can replace lost teeth, help support facial structure, and alleviate stress on your bite.

What is a Tooth Bridge?


A natural looking bridge is a custom-made dental device that fills in the gaps left by lost teeth. With bridges from Green Tree Dental, you can replace missing teeth, fix bite problems, and restore your attractive appearance. The prosthetic can be made of porcelain, alloys, gold, or a mixture of materials, and is cemented to adjacent teeth. With proper oral hygiene practices, a bridge can function well for 10 or more years. This includes brushing, flossing every day and regular dentist visits. Professional teeth cleanings and routine oral health exams are just as important as daily oral care.

Fixed Dental Bridge Treatment

Our affordable dentists near you at Green Tree Dental replace missing teeth with bridges. A tooth bridge is either fixed in place or removable. The prosthetic appliance attaches porcelain crowns to adjacent natural teeth.

A permanently fixed dental bridge is applied by placing porcelain crowns on the adjacent teeth or bonding prosthetic teeth to the natural teeth. Metal clasps are used to secure a removable bridge to abutment teeth. Precision attachments are also an option.

Get Bridges Near You

If you have one or more missing teeth due to decay, injury or disease, you must replace them to restore normal mouth function, dental health, and appearance. Individual teeth work together to perform daily functions. Having lost teeth makes it difficult to eat and speak properly and can lead to bone loss. Bridges at Green Tree Dental are an effective way to restore your oral health and more youthful appearance. Interested in finding out if they might be right for you? Schedule a consultation today!

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