Getting your child started on the right dental care when they’re still young gives them a much-needed head start for a future of excellent dental health and oral well-being. Ideally, you should see a pediatric dentist even before your child’s first teeth erupt, or at least at the six-month mark. This way, the dentist can determine whether there are any incoming dental health issues that you should be aware of.

Green Tree Dental offers excellent dental services to pediatric patients in Chicago, IL. Our all-important priority is to ensure that your child enjoys a bright and healthy smile without suffering any unnecessary tooth loss. Our pediatric dentist in Chicago, IL, works hard to help your child fight cavities and bad breath, and keep their teeth strong and healthy.

Our kid-friendly office environment is designed to make your child’s pediatric dentistry appointment fun and relaxing. We want your little one to look forward to their next visit, and to realize that dental care is fun and not frightening.

Children’s Dentistry Services

We offer a comprehensive range of pediatric dentistry services, including:


    • Oral health counseling for parent and child, including demonstration of proper brushing and flossing techniques, and pacifier use, among others.
    • Fluoride treatments. These help to strengthen teeth enamel against decay and fracturing.
    • Dental sealants. Sealants are thin plastic or resin coatings that protect the fissures of the back teeth against bacteria, plaque, and decay.
    • Dental exams and cleanings. Getting a professional cleaning every once in a while can keep away plaque and tartar.
    • Dental x-rays
    • Root canal treatments
    • Extractions
    • Sedation dentistry, including laughing gas sedation for children

Our pediatric dentist in Chicago, IL, has many years of experience in providing dental treatment to young patients. Dr. Steve Lee will ensure that your child feels safe and relaxed before proceeding with any dental procedure. He’s also happy to answer all the questions that you and your child may have.

Why Green Tree Dental for Your Child’s Dental Appointment?

Dental appointments can be intimidating events for adults and children alike. In an environment ridden with anxiety, your child may not receive the dental care that they require. That’s why we have happily gone the extra mile to make our office environment feel welcoming and non-threatening. Our kids’ playroom is guaranteed to make your child forget that they’re in a dental office.

Is your child terrified of dental procedures and cannot sit still to receive the care they need? We offer the option of laughing gas sedation for children. Sedation dentistry allows patients who suffer from dental anxiety to relax, and maybe even fall asleep during dental treatments such as extractions, and root canal treatments.

Call us today if you’re looking for a dental practice that offers excellent kids’ dental care in Chicago, IL.

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