If your wisdom teeth or the third molars have trouble growing in because there isn’t enough room for them, they may need to be extracted. Impacted molars can be extremely painful, and the only way to deal with them is to have a wisdom teeth extraction.

What Are Wisdom Teeth?

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Wisdom teeth are the third set of molars that come in at the back of the mouth. There are four total: one that grows in on each side, on both the upper and lower mandibles. They usually erupt between the years of 17 to 25, but some people never develop them, while others have them grow in without any problems.

However, for many people, those third sets of molars don’t have room to grow in, or they may try to grow in at an angle. Impacted teeth are very painful, and it often requires surgery to extract them. One of our dentists at Green Tree Dental in Chicago, IL, will examine your teeth and, if necessary, refer you to an oral surgeon to pull those emerging teeth.

How Long Is Recovery After Wisdom Teeth Surgery?

After having wisdom teeth surgery, most people fully recover in about four days. However, if the teeth were impacted or were erupting at an angle, then it may take a week or so to recover. Since the wound takes months to heal, you can still get an infection several weeks after you’ve had surgery.

To avoid getting an infection, use warm salt water to cleanse the wound by gently rinsing it. Be careful about brushing and flossing around the area to avoid irritating it and reopening the wound. If you’re careful, you should be able to avoid infections by keeping the area clean.

In-Office Wisdom Teeth Removal

If the wisdom teeth are not impacted but need to be removed, then one of our dentists at Green Tree Dental in Chicago, IL can handle the wisdom teeth extraction in our office. They will ensure that you’re comfortable by using sedation and numbing the nerves around the teeth so that you don’t feel anything.

If you’re having problems with your wisdom teeth, call our office for a wisdom teeth removal consultation and exam.

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