The Independent Worker’s Guide to Dental Insurance

The Independent Worker’s Guide to Dental Insurance

With the overall health, it is important to be concerned about oral health too. You should take care of your teeth, gums and mouth. Practice good dental hygiene to prevent the number of gum and teeth problems.

If you are aware of the need of a few dental procedures and don’t want to put a strain on your pockets, consider dental insurance. It reduces the costs associated with routine dental care throughout the year.

Is Dental Included in My Health Insurance Plan?

No! Many medical plans do not include adult dental. You need to buy a separate dental plan. Under the Affordable Care Act, all health plans cover children’s dental insurance.

What’s Usually Included in a Dental Insurance Plan?

Usually, three levels of care are covered.

Preventive and Diagnostic Care:

This is not an expensive and time-consuming process. It covers cleanings and oral exams two times a year. It also includes x-rays and fluoride treatment. These are covered usually 100% under the dental insurance plan.

Basic Restorative Care:

This includes fillings, extractions, root canals and emergency palliative care procedures. The dental insurance plan covers 80% of your expense and you need to pay 20%.

Major Restorative Care:

This includes costly procedures crowns, bridges, implants and dentures. The dental insurance plan covers 50% of your cost and remaining 50% you will have to pay.

Many dental insurance plans do not cover cosmetic dental procedures. These are veneers, teeth whitening and orthodontia. You will be required to pay from your pocket.

What’s the Difference Between an HMO and PPO Dental Plan?

You need to choose a plan while going for dental insurance. The difference between an HMO and PPO dental plan is similar to health plans.

Under HMO (health maintenance organization) dental plan, you have to choose a dentist who will check your oral health care and needs. You cannot choose a dentist which is not mentioned in your HMO plan.

You have flexibility in PPO (preferred provider organization) dental plan. There are a number of dentists and facilities where you don’t have to stick to one dentist.

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