When Are Dental Onlays or Inlays Recommended?

When Are Dental Onlays or Inlays Recommended?

Are you looking for the best solution to rebuild your smile? If so, many patients find that a durable solution for their compromised teeth is dental onlays and inlays. And one of the best aspects of this solution is that the use of dental onlays and inlays can help protect your teeth without the need for a dental crown!

Dental Inlays and Onlays Extend the Life of Teeth

One of the over-arching goals in modern dentistry is to help patients retain their natural teeth for as long as possible. And now, with the help of dental inlays and onlays, this goal is entirely attainable! Dentists use inlays to repair cavities and rebuild any additional damage from the cavity. Onlays are used when there is extensive damage to the cusps of teeth – typically on molars. Both types of dental restoration are cemented directly on the compromised tooth, so they serve as a durable solution instead of a dental crown.

Onlays and Inlays Strengthen Teeth and Eliminate Concerns of Expanded Fillings

Another great benefit to the procedure is to help treat patients who have weak teeth or teeth that are vulnerable for other reasons. Onlays and Inlays are stronger than traditional metal fillings. Plus, there is no fear of the material expanding once it has been placed, which adds additional confidence to a patient’s smile!

Don’t Worry if You Still Need a Dental Crown in Chicago, IL

If neither of the above options will work for your tooth restoration, there is nothing to fear. Consider a dental crown procedure since it works to protect weakened teeth, restore teeth that have been damaged, and prevent further damage from occurring. Crowns are made of very durable materials that can endure chewing, just like the rest of your teeth. And from an investment perspective, they are meant to last for years by essentially becoming your new tooth!

Some Other Benefits to a Dental Crown

There are a few more advantages that a dental crown procedure may offer patients looking for a complete restoration other than an inlay or an onlay. Dental crowns can be used to help protect against tooth sensitivity, reduce the chance of decay, and prevent additional damage. They also play a key role in resolving cosmetic dentistry issues.

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