5 Things You Should Know About Laughing Gas

5 Things You Should Know About Laughing Gas

Do you ever wonder how some dental procedures are performed? To think of long surgical processes, it is hard to imagine how pain and discomfort would be avoidable. These are the instances that scare some patients away from seeking dental treatment, even though they would largely benefit from it.

Dental anxiety and fear should not be your story, as long as alternatives like the use of gas sedation exist. If you are just learning about this, there is more about gas sedation and how it can be used to make your dental experience that much more pleasurable.

What is sedation dentistry?

It is a specialty in dentistry that majors in the use of medication in the form of sedatives, to improve the experience of dental practice. Usually, sedation dentistry exists because of other specialties of dentistry like general dentistry. It is one of the ways that allows them to experts to be as effective and meticulous in the service provision regarding dental care.

When it comes to sedition, different techniques are used to help patients remain calm and relaxed during dental procedures. Different ways can be used depending on the type of medication used for the procedure. A notable fact is that sedation is not employed for all dental treatments. Only certain procedures dictate the use of sedative agents to improve the overall experiences of patients.

What is gas sedation?

It is the use of gas, in that case laughing gas, to sedate patients during dental procedures. The sedative agent used has to be inhaled through a small mask usually fitted over the face of a patient.

Facts About Laughing Gas

When you are under the influence of this sedative agent, many things will be different for you. Before you begin to worry over whether or not it is the way for you to go, here are some facts about laughing gas as a sedative agent for dental treatments:

  1. It reduces anxiety – this is one of the working mechanisms of laughing gas. It works by reducing dental anxiety, which is a common problem for most patients. Without anxiety, your fears and phobias are more or less null, allowing you to remain open-minded about the procedure and the outcomes thereof.
  2. It kills pain – one of the primary factors that make sedation dentistry meaningful for dental procedures is the alleviation of pain. This way, whether your treatment is invasive or non-invasive, you will not feel any pain. It also adds up to remove any remnants of fear that you may be clutching to regarding the procedure.
  3. It creates euphoria – it is one thing to be comfortable during treatment, and a whole different concept to be elated. Laughing gas creates euphoria, making patients feel all kinds of good. It also gives your body tingling sensations that will make you laugh and smile.
  4. It is safe – one of the biggest concerns that patients have about sedation is safety. While it is okay to query, there is nothing to fret about when it comes to laughing gas. When administered correctly by a trained professional, it is very safe for you throughout your treatment. The gas is also known to not damage the internal organs of your body including your respiratory system. Besides, there are not any sited side effects of laughing gas that lasts after the gas wears off.
  5. You will not fall asleep because of the gas – this sedative agent is not meant to put you to sleep. On the contrary, it is leveraged for conscious sedation. This way, you are awake during your treatment, but calm through it all. On very few occasions will some patients fall to light sleep. Besides, the concentration used of the laughing gas for dental treatments is usually not enough to cause any unusual behaviors among patients.


Most of the things you hear about laughing gas as a sedation method are misconstrued because of half-truths shared by people. If you still have concerns about sedation during your dental treatment, be sure to bring them up with your attending dentist. This way, you can be sure you have all the needed information about your procedure and the medication used thereof.

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